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Certification of goods

Customs broker`s services

If you are looking for a responsible and competent customs broker to carry out customs clearance at Rostov customs, Krasnodar customs, Novorossiysk customs and Central Excise customs, specialists of group of companies Servis-Ved are at your disposal. Their deep knowledge and keen skills allow to reduce the time taken by customs clearance and abide rules and regulations.

The services at hand include following operations:

  • qualified assignment of codes of Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Classification to your goods;
  • calculation of customs related costs;
  • personal control over all procedures, representation of your inrests in customs;
  • processing of all documentation in given terms.

The declaration for cargo is applied solely via Internet with the help of special software. Customs broker`s services save your costs for timely fulfilled operations. Knowledge of current regulations allow customs broker to avoid penalties and fines.

Customs broker Servis-Ved in Rostov-on-Don

Our company is operating in this region since 2008 offering full range of services in the field of foreign economic activity. The specialist of our company as personal representatives of our clients demonstrate competence in supervised operations. This allows us to guaratntee cargo owners time and cost efficiency of all customs formalities.

At the same time we can overtake all certification, insurance, transportation, warehousing and other operations that faciliate foreign economic activity.

Professional customs broker in Rosov-on-Don – specimen work for you!

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