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Customs brokers services

Certification of goods in Rostov-on-Don

Specialists of Servis-Ved companies provide efficient aid in acquisition of certificates, licenses and declarations of conformity for customs clearance. Certification of goods today is a concurrent of import-export operations, that are regulated by quite a number of laws. Our specialists are expert in technical regulation and have essential experience in acquisition of a wide range of permission documents.

You are offered the following services:

  • expert evaluation of the type of permission necessary for your kind of goods;
  • quick consultation on the list of documents needed for the application and other questions;
  • filling, check and correction of application and permit`s draft;
  • oranisation of laboratory tests of goods samples with most rapid preparation of test protocols.

Our partners are reliable certification centres and credentialed laboratories that offer high quality service at reasonable prices.

We assist acquisition of following permission documents:

  • Certificates/declarations of conformity with Technical regulation of Customs Union;
  • Certificate of conformity of emission standards (Euro-5);
  • Certificate of conformity GOST R;
  • Certificate of fire safety;
  • Vehicle type approval;
  • Motor vehicle safety certificate.

Experience allows our specialists to reduce time of preparation of al approval documents to the possible minimum.

Certification of goods – short terms, positive result!

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