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Customs celarance of cargoes in Rostov-on-Don

The specialsist of Servis-Ved company are ready to fill in competently customs declarations for your cargo as your representative at Rostov customs. Today customs clarance is efected solely by the means of Internet. Our specialists use advanced technologies of e-document management minimizing the time needed for customs clearance procedures.

Our company has long term experience in this field as well as professional reputation in the market. Declaring of goods is effected efficiently within the legal framework thanks to trust-based realtionship between the parties. As a result our clients get the guarantee of minimal time of clearance, abiding of existing laws and directives when moving goods across customs borders.

Receiving customs declaration

Competent declaration of goods ensures quick transfer of goods through customs without penalties and beurocracy.
Procedure of customs clearance effected by our company has following advantages:

  • quick registration of expertly made declaration by the customs point;
  • precise description of goods in accordance with Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Classification;
  • declaration of correct customs value;
  • competent calculation of customs duties.

Customs clearance of cragoes in Rostov-on-Don – experience and competence solve any

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