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Import of goods

Company Servis-Ved offers comprehensive service in the field of import operations with different kinds of goods that saves time and money, as well as gives guarantee of eligibility and competence.

Today the prevailing share of goods in Russian domestic market belongs to foreign goods. This fact defines certain significance of import. Our specialists are familiar with the whole legal framework of import operations. Thus services we offer is an ultimate solution for importing companies with advantages such as:

  • high efficiency and competence in customs clearance;
  • contracts monitoring;
  • organization of transport and storage services;
  • effective aid in acquisition of approval documentation (certificates, licenses, declarations of conformity)

We effect import procedures follow-up in the area of operations of Rostov customs, Krasnodar customs, Novorossiysk customs and Central excise customs.
Professional import procedures follow-up – effective solution for international trade!

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