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International trade deal with the help of Servis-Ved

Group of companies Servis-Ved offers full cycle follow-up of international trade deals. 
Today our company is an absolute leader in assisting international trade deals in the South region of Russia. It allows to guarantee flawless results of competent service.

International trade deal can be effected within the framework of following operations and services:

- legal monitoring of contracts;
- translation of contracts from/to foreign languages;
- full cycle customs clearance;
- efficient transporting service;
- placement of cragoes at warehouses of temporary storage;
- usage of methods of contemporary logistics;
- aid in accquisition of certificates, licenses and other permits.

Thanks to a long term experience and developed partnerships all effected operations are efficient at their most. Each international trade deal is concluded abiding valid legislation and based on civilized interaction of parties.

Full cycle international trade deal – your business in good hands!

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