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Placement of goods at warehouses of temporary storage, warehousing

Company Servis-Ved offers placement of goods at warehouses of temporary storage as well as full range of customs clearance services to faciliate your foreign economic activity. According to current legislation customs warehouse is a room or an open area under security survelliance for temporary storage of cargoes under customs cuntrol.
Maximum time for storge at such a warehouse does not exceed 2 months from the date of placement.
As any other operation warehousing includes a certain amount of paperwork that our specialists are ready to take over.

Customs warehouse in Rostov-on-Don

Warehouses of temporary storage are situated in a the area of operation of a certain customs point. Correspondingly depending on the type of goods and the destination point a certain warehouse should be chosen. Contemporary warehouses have security surveillance and offer additional services for loading and unloading of your goods.

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