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Customs clearance and customs control

Group of companies Servis-Ved offers time-sensitive customs clearance of goods supported by a spectrum of accompanying services for import and export operations in the area of operations of Rostov customs, Krasnodar customs, Novorrossiysk customs and Central excise customs.

Apart from effecting the procedure of customs clearance we follow-up customs control that includes following manipulations:

  • documents review;
  • goods` survey at customs;
  • control of the actual goods` correspondence to the chosen code number according to Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Classification.

The aim of these follow-up procedures is legitimacy of the process and attendance of the goods owner interests. Customs clearance can be accompanied by logistics and insurance services as well as assistance in certification of goods.

Customs duties

Precise calculation of customs duties is one of the basic services our company provides. The amount of duties to be paid depends on the commodity code number and the customs value of the goods, that is built by invoice cost of the goods plus all additional expences charged before arrival to the customs border. Such expences include transportation fee, insurance and intellectual property fee.

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